Honeybee Doughnuts

Move over U N I C O R N S (for now) because the G A L A X Y is taking over Miami! These new Cosmo” doughnuts are about to be the new fad!


DOUGHNUTS!!!!! Soflofooodie’s specialty, addiction, and guilty little pleasure. I could start by telling you “I’ve never met a doughnut I didn’t like” but let’s be real, that’s a lie. However, I’ve finally found a place that has my tastebuds jumping up & down whenever I eat them. You can say I’ve pretty much been promoted to doughnut guru according to my foodie friends. I get texts, and other social media messages throughout the week with people asking of a shop they should try and the one shop that sits at the tip of my tongue is….HONEYBEE DOUGHNUTS! After all, my blood type is BEE positive 🙂  Karen, the owner named her shop after her nickname Honeybee & it’s her lifelong dream finally accomplished. Not to mention, she’s one of the most dedicated, customer-oriented, and friendliest woman ever! The shop is approaching their first year open next month!

I first tried Honeybee Doughnuts at dessert wars in January and honestly I don’t know what took me so long. The first three doughnuts I tried were the Churro, Dulce de leche and the Nutella topped which were the featured doughnuts at dessert wars. 


Immediately upon trying them, I put their shop on my must try list. About a month later, we did a collab with them and a giveaway. We were able to sample all of the mini’s and some of the filled doughnuts as well. Get the nutella filled doughnut, like nike, just do it!!



Since then, I’ve enjoyed all my trips to Honeybee and they are definitely at the top of my doughnut shop list.

I’ve learned that doughnuts are kind of a hit or miss depending on your taste buds. Some people like their doughnuts more cake-like while others like them less moist. So really, it depends on your preference when it comes to finding a shop suitable for you. Honeybee to me, is just right without being too over-the-top. I like to be able to finish a doughnut and sometimes that can be hard with too big and overly thick doughnuts. 


Like any artisanal shop, it’s best to swing by in the morning hours to get the best selection. You can find them on INSTAGRAM @honeybeedoughnutsmiami or check out their website http://www.honeybeedoughnuts.com. When you do try them out, be sure to circle back around and let me know what you think because I DONUT want to miss your thoughts.

WAIT! Is that a doughnut I see? Gotta go….

As always, thanks for coming by!




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