Shay’s SWEET Dirty Thirty..


You know what they say….you only turn 30 once!

So, where would we celebrate this awesome occasion? The Sugar Factory on Miami Beach of course. From the moment we arrived until the very end of the dinner, our experience was F L A W L E S S. As soon as they saw us walking up, they immediately knew we were there for a reservation ( it could have been the huge number 30 balloons, HA!) Although the entire party wasn’t there yet, they sat us anyways. While we waited for the other guests, we ordered our drinks. I went with the Watermelon Patch Goblet which consisted of vodka, rum, fresh watermelon, fresh lemon and citrus soda. YUMMMM!


Once we received our drinks, we started getting our appetizers. We went with the Rainbow Sliders and Mac and Cheese Lollipops (DUH!). The Mac and Cheese Lollipops is something we always get when we visit because they are AMAZING but, it was our first time having the sliders (surprising for us, I know)! We all thought they were delicious and had just the right amount of flavor per mini burger.

7587833488_IMG_0353.JPG 7520661888_IMG_0344.JPG

We all ordered and array of entrees including the Big Cheesy Burger, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, The Farmer burger (not pictured) and the Rigatoni Marinara (shout out to my guests for letting us photograph their food, haha)! 



Everybody really enjoyed their meal. Needless to say, we were FULL! but……it was time for dessert! I don’t know when my guests collaborated with the server but as they were bringing my King Kong Sundae they played CardiB for me (be sure to check our instagram story for the fun videos ). It was a moment to remember for sureeeeeee! For now, check out this amazing 24 scoop sundae loaded with all the toppings you could ever dream of! 


I had such a great time and can’t thank The Sugar Factory enough for making this night so special for me and my guests!


Until next time,

XO Shay ❤


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