SOBE SEAfood fest 18’

07DC0D5A-C1DB-4C1C-A88E-FEDF927BAB23It’s no SEAcret that it’s almost time for the South Beach Seafood Festival. The main event is going down on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. With events starting earlier that week on October 16th, you’re sure to get your seafood fix in.

For a full list of events: click here !

Some participating restaurants this year include:


Ella’s oyster bar

Joe’s stone crab

Lobster Bar Sea Grille

Naked taco


Rusty Pelican


and more….. but I bet you’re wondering why Tanuki is the only restaurant in red. Well, that’s because we sat down and had an interview with Chef Edward who will be representing Tanuki during the festival.


Check out our guest blog here to see what the Chef had to say!

Looking forward to SEAing you guys on the sand!






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