Bubbies Mochi


Mochi is definitely one of our favorite ice cream treats, and now we’ve found a brand (BUBBIES) that has completely blown us away.  You’ve probably seen Bubbies brand of Mochi located in your local Whole Foods Market because they offer a Mochi bar in many locations. Cool, right? 

Let’s get to the flavors shall we? 

While Bubbies offers many different flavors available either by package or at the Mochi bar, the four flavors we tried were: Green Tea, Triple Chocolate, Strawberry, and the new  Blood Orange!


My favorite out of all four was the Blood Orange and Steph’s favorite was the Triple Chocolate. She was so surprised that there were actual chocolate chips inside the Mochi. As for me, I’m not sure if I’m more surprised by the amazing flavor of the Blood Orange or the fact that it was my favorite when I’m not really an “orange flavor” lover. Either way, go try it NOW!!!

These Mochi are not only big in flavor, they are actually big in size too! Best part? they are under 100 calories each which is really good for Mochi! 


If you want to learn more about Bubbies brand, click here. On their website, you will be able to order your own packages to your door or find a Mochi bar near you! Let us know what you think when you try them 🙂





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