SoFloFooodie turns 3!

January 19, 2016 was the day it all began. What we thought was just a fun way to share our food pics (terrible food pics, lmao) has turned into what SoFloFooodie is today! We are the type of bloggers that really appreciate everything we have worked for therefore, we have made it a habit to celebrate ALL milestones such as account birthdays, and followers.

Some of you may not know but SoFloFooodie was not the first handle of our page it was actually “funnwithglutenfree” because I (Shay) had a gluten sensitivity and was feeling quite down about not being able to eat my favorite foods. That same year by November, my gluten sensitivity seemed to have disappeared. So I began eating all of my favorite foods again and neglected “funnwithglutenfree”. 

That is when we decided to continue sharing our pictures so we changed our username to “soflofooodie“. Since then It’s remained an exciting journey with many relationships formed along the way. 

This year to celebrate our birthday we made a custom pastel unicorn rosette cake!


         We also had help from:

  1. Magnolia Bakery
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts
  3. Cream Parlor
  4. Midtown Creamery


We have built relationships with all of these companies and/or brands over the years and are excited and grateful for all of their help in our journey!

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery offered to supply us with a giveaway for their 6-pack banana pudding package. We are providing one lucky winner with a delivery straight to their door ( so yes open to all U.S residents) of their original, chocolate, and salted caramel flavored pudding! Their pudding is delicious, fluffy, and the best I’ve ever had. They have multiple locations in New York, Boston, D.C, and Los Angeles. However, they are so popular people long for the next time they’ll be able to have them again. 


I mean who doesn’t love Dunkin’? I’m originally from up north so Dunkin’ can be found on EVERY corner up there. We work closely with the South Florida team and are going to be providing a lucky winner with a $25 gift card to Dunkin’. This giveaway will also be open to all U.S residents!

Cream Parlor

The next giveaway is a South Florida local giveaway with one of our favorite shops in town, Cream Parlor. Cream Parlor is known for their vintage ambiance and delicious homemade ice cream such as “unicorn poop”. I mean people who LOVE unicorns as much as we do are definitely our friend! We’re going to be doing a giveaway for a winner to go in with a friend and try anything on their menu. Aside from delicious ice cream, they have amazing coffees, baked items, and even avocado toasts. 

Midtown Creamery

Can you tell we love ice cream? Midtown creamery is another Miami staple for delicious ice cream. The owners are so nice and everybody must stop by to meet them during their midtown trip. They are at the top of the game as it comes to creating new trendy menu items. We recently went in to try their new cereal sandwiches and bowls. They were so delicious that we’re going to be offering a menu item to a winner as well!


Again, thank you to our wonderful sponsors for supporting our celebration this year. We are always accepting local and national businesses to sponsor us during celebrations like this. The next one will be when we reach 50K followers so if you’re interested shoot us a DM on Instagram or e-mail!


Additionally…. THANK YOU to all of our followers, readers, and viewers. Without you all this would not be possible and we are SO excited to share our journey with you all EVERY day!


until the next celebration……








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