Milkshakes with Oster Pro Blender with Texture Select Settings and Food Processor Attachment

This article has been sponsored by Oster. All thoughts, opinions and recipes are our own.


As many of you know, we make a lot of homemade desserts especially milkshakes. When it comes to milkshake consistency, it’s all about texture preference. For us, we like thicker milkshakes but others may like a thinner texture. This is where Oster Pro Blender with Texture Select Settings and Food Processor Attachment comes in handy for everybody!

Often times, we need to use two different machines (or clean a machine in the middle of making a recipe) to create our at home milkshakes but with the Oster Pro Blender with Texture Select Settings,  we have it all in one place. The machine has two separate attachments, one being the blender and the other being the food processor. This really made it so simple for us to food process the cookies used in our Blue Cookie Monster Milkshake and then simply attach the blender once we were ready to make the milkshake base.


The new blender conveniently has different modes including a milkshake feature along with three different texture options: thin, medium, and thick. Of course, we used the thick feature which resulted in a perfect yet creamy texture milkshake. However, if you want your milkshake somewhat thinner, you can use the medium and thin texture modes or alternate between them during blending.

Here’s how we made it:


  • About 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1/4- 1/2 cup milk
  • 9 whole oreo’s
  • 9 whole chocolate chip cookies
  • Nutella (for rim)
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Blue food coloring


  1. Start by food processing 6 Oreo’s in the Food Processor attachment. Remove from the processor and put the crumbs into a bowl.
  2. Repeat this step for 6 chocolate chip cookies. 
  3. On a small plate, mix together the chocolate chip and Oreo crumbs (this will create your rim crumb mixture). 
  4. Rim the milkshake glass with Nutella and then roll the rim into the cookie crumb mixture. Set the rimmed glass aside while you make the milkshake. 
  5. Attach the Blender onto the machine and add about 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, start with 1/4 cup of milk,  2 Oreo’s and 2 chocolate chip cookies (all broken in half), and a few drops of blue food coloring.
  6. Put the blender cover on and turn the machine on to the Milkshake mode then select one of the three texture features: thin, medium, or thick.
  7. Blend until the ingredients are completely mixed together. You may add the additional milk now if the consistency is too thick. This is your preference.
  8. Pour the mixture into the rimmed glass, top with whipped cream, sprinkles, a whole Oreo, and a whole chocolate chip cookie and ENJOY!

If you would like to see a complete step-by-step video of the milkshake being made head to our Instagram  (<< Click to the link). 


I honestly don’t think making a milkshake has ever been easier for us since being introduced to this all in one blender/food processor. It’s safe to say, this blender is quickly becoming one of our new favorite kitchen gadgets and I can’t wait to see what other delicious creations we come up with while using it. The blender can also be used for many types of recipes such as soups, sauces, salsas and more. We know you are going to love it just as much as we do …. you can score your very own Oster Pro Blender with Texture Select Settings
 right at Target (<< Click to the link). This is the perfect time to grab one for friends/family for a perfect holiday gift!


Shay & Steph

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