Eating on Carnival Sunrise

In the last three months we have had the opportunity to cruise on Carnival’s “Sunrise” ship twice (November 2019 and February 2020). Naturally, one of our favorite things to do while on-board is eat so, we’re here to tell you about some of the delicious options you have on this ship. 


Of course you have the main buffet area which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. This option is a casual dining option if you want relaxed or quick meal. During each meal time they have a variety of dishes including accommodations for those following special diets such as gluten free/vegetarian. At the buffet you can always find “something for everyone”. For breakfast, we always look forward to the hash browns and Oreo cinnamon rolls…yes you read that right!


Each cabin is assigned to a main dining room each evening as well if you would like a sit down dinner. The main dining rooms are available to you in two forms: either on a set scheduled time each night or on a “my time” experience which basically means you choose when you want to have dinner each night. You pick which option best suits you under your online Carnival account when you book the cruise or you can call to schedule. 

Our ABSOLUTE favorite dessert/coffee options come from JavaBlue Cafe located on the Atlantic deck (4). They serve fresh donuts, cupcakes, cakes and other specials which are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Aside from the desserts, they have delicious coffee options with and without alcohol. If you’re like us, getting a caffeine fix is an important part of the day so this is a way to ensure you are satisfying that craving. Pro tip: get the Vanilla donut (which has a coconut flan center) and the chocolate layered cake slice.

              IMG_7536     IMG_7785 (2)

On the Lido deck (9) pool area, you will find  a Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint as well as a BlueIguana Cantina. Both options are open for lunch time while BlueIguana is also open for breakfast to serve breakfast burritos. The tacos are out-of-this-world good, we typically go for the pork or chicken options and then doctor them up to our liking at the topping bar. At Guy’s Burger Joint, they usually have different burger options including a vegetarian patty and a topping bar as well.

IMG_2472   IMG_7474

There are specialty restaurants available on the ship for an additional cost if you want something different than the traditional buffet or dining rooms. We had the opportunity to try both the Italian restaurant (Cucina Del Capitano) and the Steakhouse (Fahrenheit 555). These options are a great way to celebrate something special or to just enjoy a more intimate ambiance. Italian food is my (Shay’s) favorite cuisine so having the Italian restaurant as an option really made me one happy cruiser! The ambiance in the restaurant truly matched Italian aesthetics from the decorations and music playing to the menu options. We tried the garlic rolls (which come to every table), Burrata appetizer, Chicken Parm with Spaghetti, and the Farfalle con Panna Gamberetti. Each dish had a great presentation as well as generous in size and flavor.   IMG_7600 IMG_7587 IMG_7595

At Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse, you get the full steakhouse experience and it is a bit more of an upscale option. We had the French Onion Soup during both our visits because it is absolutely delicious with the perfect amount of cheese on top. Additionally we tried the Ribeye Steak, Broiled Lobster Tail,  and the Mac and Cheese. The Ribeye flavor and texture was on point, the Mac and Cheese is so cheesy and creamy and the Lobster Tail is broiled to perfection. We would highly recommend all of these options.     IMG_7714  IMG_7712

We also tried the Pizza del Capitano and guess what? THEY SERVE PIZZA 24 HOURS A DAY (and you can have it delivered anywhere on the ship if you would like)!!! The Carnival Deli serves sandwiches (get the buffalo chicken with cheese…soooo good), and the Seafood Shack (additional cost) has great fresh seafood options like fried shrimp, peel & eat items, lobster rolls, crab legs, etc.

Aside from these options…. they also have a Guy Fieri’s Pig and Anchor Bar-B-Que, Lucky Bowl Asian Cuisine, and Bonsai Sushi all of which we didn’t get to try….YET. Guess we’ll have to hop back on a cruise in the near future ;). 

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Shay & Steph

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