#choosefun on Carnival Sunrise

If you didn’t know, Carnival is known for having the “fun ships” hence their hashtag of choice #choosefun!  Carnival truly lives up to their fun ship status by keeping everyone of all ages entertained. To make it easier for you, I’m going to separate entertainment events by age: all ages, kids/teens & 18+!

All Ages:

There are two pools, one in the aft and the main pool. Near the main pool you will find “WaterWorks” which is a series of water slides that everyone can enjoy. 


Mini golf, Basketball courts, SkyCourse and a jogging track are all good outdoor options for all ages on-board. Make sure you have closed toe shoes to participate in the SkyCourse. 


Inside you will find an arcade room, games, build-a-bear workshops, and tons of shows. Aside from all of the wildly entertaining dance and musical shows, The HASBRO game show is a highly engaging show where individuals in the audience get to participate in playing games on stage ( my son was actually the grand prize winner a couple years back) .


(Also, no….his name is not Terrance but it was funny to leave the incorrect name LOL)

Karaoke and the Comedy Club are also great options for all ages however, both of these are 18+ at certain times so be sure to check the age restrictions prior. 

Groove for St.Jude is a charity event where ALL of the proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Hospital. It takes place on the Lido deck by the main pool and a donation of just $10 gets you a super cute T-shirt and bracelet. DO GOOD TODAY!

One night on the cruise, there is a Mega Deck Party that takes place and is open to all ages to dance the night away while listening to great tunes. 


Having a child of our own, it’s important to have options to keep the young ones busy if they are cruising too. Carnival has so many activities that children can participate in depending on their interests. Carnival offers Camp Ocean for kids aged 2-11 (separated by age groups) for kids that want to hang out with other kids, supervised of course. It’s FREE and a great option for parents or families wanting to have some alone time or attend 18+ events and activities. They do a number of activities including arts & crafts, games, video games, movies, dancing etc. At 10pm, they have an option called Night Owls (fees apply) so kids can stay up late and have fun while their parents or families enjoy their night. 

Teens 12-17 also have hangouts (Circle C, and Club O2) where they can get to know other teens their age and complete fun activities together. 

Dr. Seuss is popular on the ship and there are parades, story times, and even a breakfast dedicated to the character!



As mentioned earlier, there is a hilarious Comedy Club and some are specific to 18+ because they are explicit. This is usually one of our favorite activities on-board. Late at night, the club opens for those night owls that like to party! 

THE CASINO is loaded with slot machines, table games, casino prize games, and lots of events (competitions, tournaments, etc) that give you the opportunity to win big like B-I-N-G-O. At the cash out booth, they offer scratch tickets and if you spend $25 on them, you get a FREE $5 ticket….so, if you’re feeling lucky, definitely check that out..but PLAY RESPONSIBLY!



If you are over 21+ and drink alcohol, there are many bars throughout the ship. We highly recommend you get the CHEERS drinking package which allows you to pay a flat fee for up to 15 drinks a day. A lot of people as “is it worth it?” and we feel only YOU can make that decision based on how much you plan to drink each day. For us, it is definitely worth it and tried to go the route of paying per drink one cruise and quickly regretted it come disembarkation, lol. Not only do you save money using the program but you get a piece of mind when not having to check your on-board expense account constantly.

IMG_7688[1] IMG_7467

Keep in mind these are just some of the highlights on-board and there is always SO MUCH MORE to explore on any Carnival ship! Be sure to check our Instagram story highlight “Carnival” to see some of our daily adventures around the ship  CLICK HERE !


Shay & Steph

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