Honeybee Doughnuts

Move over U N I C O R N S (for now) because the G A L A X Y is taking over Miami! These new Cosmo” doughnuts are about to be the new fad!


DOUGHNUTS!!!!! Soflofooodie’s specialty, addiction, and guilty little pleasure. I could start by telling you “I’ve never met a doughnut I didn’t like” but let’s be real, that’s a lie. However, I’ve finally found a place that has my tastebuds jumping up & down whenever I eat them. You can say I’ve pretty much been promoted to doughnut guru according to my foodie friends. I get texts, and other social media messages throughout the week with people asking of a shop they should try and the one shop that sits at the tip of my tongue is….HONEYBEE DOUGHNUTS! After all, my blood type is BEE positive 🙂  Karen, the owner named her shop after her nickname Honeybee & it’s her lifelong dream finally accomplished. Not to mention, she’s one of the most dedicated, customer-oriented, and friendliest woman ever! The shop is approaching their first year open next month!

I first tried Honeybee Doughnuts at dessert wars in January and honestly I don’t know what took me so long. The first three doughnuts I tried were the Churro, Dulce de leche and the Nutella topped which were the featured doughnuts at dessert wars. 


Immediately upon trying them, I put their shop on my must try list. About a month later, we did a collab with them and a giveaway. We were able to sample all of the mini’s and some of the filled doughnuts as well. Get the nutella filled doughnut, like nike, just do it!!



Since then, I’ve enjoyed all my trips to Honeybee and they are definitely at the top of my doughnut shop list.

I’ve learned that doughnuts are kind of a hit or miss depending on your taste buds. Some people like their doughnuts more cake-like while others like them less moist. So really, it depends on your preference when it comes to finding a shop suitable for you. Honeybee to me, is just right without being too over-the-top. I like to be able to finish a doughnut and sometimes that can be hard with too big and overly thick doughnuts. 


Like any artisanal shop, it’s best to swing by in the morning hours to get the best selection. You can find them on INSTAGRAM @honeybeedoughnutsmiami or check out their website When you do try them out, be sure to circle back around and let me know what you think because I DONUT want to miss your thoughts.

WAIT! Is that a doughnut I see? Gotta go….

As always, thanks for coming by!



Unicorn Inspired Foods

It’s UNICORN season

From Starbucks fraps to unicorn bagels and donuts…It’s clearly becoming a thing of 2017! Anybody who knows Soflofooodie has learned that we’ve been known as the unicorn gurus (hence the brand logo). Unicorns are fun and colorful making it easy to incorporate into foods. 

If you remember back a couple of months ago, we partnered up with Cream Parlor to make our very own Soflofooodie unicorn inspired ice cream cone. 


THAT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!  Now we’ve got more opportunities to have fun with unicorn foods. Earlier this month, we were sent a package of THE BAGEL STORE bagels with the unicorn bagel included…duh!


Next, we have Starbucks with their break-the-internet frap. Some people (a lot of people that is) didn’t seem to like the drink. Soflofooodie, however, did enjoy it! I have such a sweet tooth & I absolutely love sour things so this drink hit my tastebuds. Plus, it was super pretty!


Finally, today we tried THE SALTY DONUT‘s newest donut creation, the unicorn donut. The Salty Donut is known for coming up with new donuts frequently and this one in particular is a collab with STYLE SAVES (which provides teens with the opportunity to go to prom). Therefore, some of the proceeds will go to STYLE SAVES.


See how pretty all of the UNICORN inspired foods can be? It’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more popular. Soflofooodie can’t wait to see who comes up with something next. In the meantime, time to eat!!!! 



TIME for Spring!



If you’ve been following SoFloFooodie you have noticed by now a trend in many pictures taken involving nature, flowers, and grassy areas. There’s nothing I love more than a trendy watch to pair with the spring season and all my food posts. That’s where my JORD watch comes in 🙂 


Honestly, I’ve never really been a watch person. In fact, most girls are into all the name brand watches and get them for holidays and birthdays. I never really asked for them however, I did own a couple but didn’t wear them much.  When I saw the JORD watches for the first time, I was actually excited for them. They looked like something more my style and that I would wear daily. JORD watches are made of wood so they blend  very well with all wardrobes, and of course, nature.


My JORD watch pairs well with my Alex and Ani bracelets and that was the game changer for me. I can wear my watch and it looks good with anything, and with any color.

If you’re looking for a trendy watch this spring, check the JORD wood watch option!

Here are the links to the watches….

My watch



I’m hosting a giveaway with JORD watches… all entries win a $25 credit toward a watch and one lucky winner will win $100 credit towards a watch. Watches can be as low as $139 so this credit will be extremely beneficial toward your purchase! Contest ends 4/2/2017 at 11:59CST. Gift codes will expire 7/2/2017.

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Time for Spring

Miami Food Tours

In the last couple of months I’ve been trying out different food tours in the South Florida area. A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to try Miami Food Tours (Tour des Forks). This tour is based in the South Beach area and we stopped at 4 local restaurants.  The tour took approx. 3 hours and not only did we try great food, but we also learned a lot about the history of South Beach!

The first stop of our tour was at The Cafe at Books & Books. This stop featured  “new american cuisine” which included this trio of yuca fries, chips & guacamole, and hummus & chips. I really liked the guacamole here, which was prepared with florida avocados. SO FRESH!


Next, we made our way to a traditional cuban restaurant called Bella Cuba. Whether you’re a local in Miami, or you’re visiting you probably know that latin food is a pretty big deal down here. With Miami being home for many of the latin community, its inevitable to come across great latin restaurant and trust me when I say… it’s a good thing! 

Featured here is the traditional mojito…

FullSizeRender 2.jpgPhoto by @befoodcity (since I lost my mojito photo! Thanks )

and here we have a sampler of empanadas, plantains, egg roll, and pulled pork on top of a tamale …


After we finished our cuban meal we went on to try a peruvian restaurant “Chalan on the beach”. Peruvian food is highly known for their ceviche and for those who don’t know what ceviche is….it’s raw seafood inside lime and lemon juices and often has other ingredients (mango, onions, etc).

Ceviche is pretty high up there on my favorite food lists too!


We also tried another dish from Chalan on the beach and although I’m not a big red meat eater, I have to admit it was really tasty. 

Here is Lomo Saltado which features flap meat, with onions and tomatoes served with fries and white rice.


The walk back was entertaining because we learned a great deal about many hotels, and businesses on the beach. It was also great because we were really able to walk off all the food before dessert, yay!

Lastly, we came to “The Frieze” ice cream factory! They feature ice creams as well as sorbets.  They offer seasonal flavors as well as their regular flavors daily. 

Shown here is the raspberry sorbet (which might be the best sorbet I’ve ever tasted). Also, shown here is the cookies n’ cream! YUM!


I recommend any food lover, tourist, or just anybody in general that is looking for something fun to do… to try one of these tours!

They can be found at

Thanks for reading!



Bagel Boyz


Home of the voted best bagel in Palm Beach! Bagel Boyz is a family owned business with three locations. With two being in Palm Beach Gardens and one in Jupiter. The Jupiter location is the original where most of the magic happens.  Bagel Boyz is dedicated to serving New York style bagels therefore, a lot of prep goes into perfecting their bagels everyday….lets take a look!

Behind the scenes

First, the dough is made from scratch using room temperature as well as water temperatures to make the perfect consistency. Once the dough is made it is put into the mixer to get the best texture possible.

Pictured top is the regular everyday dough—Pictured bottom is soflofooodie’s creation


Then, the dough is cut into pieces and sent through the bagel machine creating the bagels.


When the rounds have been made, each bagel gets hand checked for thoroughnes and is hand spun creating the perfect round.


After, they are placed on sheets and cooled in the refridgerator overnight.


Lastly, the bagels are boiled and baked to perfection creating a fresh, warm, and delicious bagel.

Featured below is the bacon, egg, and cheese on a egg everything bagel, SO DELICIOUS!


Some others….

Pictured top is the smoked nova (which is smoked in house themselves which prevents a gooey texture)…pictured bottom is the nova, chives, and bacon egg and cheese.


They also offer an array of sandwiches and subs…pictured below is the philly cheese steak with eggs!


  Can’t forget the self-serve cold brew coffee station!


To learn more about bagel boys…follow them on instagram @bagel_boyz or their website

…and as always, thanks for stopping by!






West Palm Beach Food Tour

I had the opportunity to try out West Palm Beach food tours last month and lets be honest- it was amazing. I had never been on a food tour (yes I know shocker coming from a foodie). So really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew was, you go to multiple places and try some signature dishes at each. Let’s take a look into all of the places we encountered during this fun day!

The Blind Monk

The blind monk is a small, trendy place with a large selection of beer and wines. They do a Sunday brunch too! We started off with this amazing Prosecco Mojito.


After that we were given the Tuna Tostada which contains a mango salsa (don’t worry, I had a special one made for my mango allergy).  The tuna was so fresh and it paired perfectly with the mojito.


We also tried the pan con tomato (bread and tomato jam) THIS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Possibly, my favorite from the entire tour.


Next we made our way to HULLABALOO 

Hullabaloo has more of a hippy atmosphere and their patio is the absolute cutest. This is where we had our tasting. We tried the fire roasted brussels and if to be real, I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts and these were actually appetizing.


After we had our sprouts we walked over to Jardin. Jardin is located on the same strip as many other restaurants but the artistic work really caught my eye. Isn’t it pretty?


While we were there of course we had to get our drink fix in so we ordered the Polamalu which is a coconut based drink– so delicious and refreshing!


We also tried the gator empanadas- yes gator, I bet you weren’t expecting that and yes, they were very tasty.


We walked over to the Farmer’s market where many vendors are located. We went to Ganache Bakery where we were given fresh coconut water and the most perfect key lime pie I’ve ever tasted! TWO THUMBS UP FOR GANACHE!



We stopped at a staple for pizza in downtown West Palm, Pizza Girls.

I tried the Spinach and Broccoli slice as well as the cheese slice and both exceeded my expectations. I can see why they are extremely popular.


To finish out tour, of course it had to be on a sweet note. We stopped at Le Rendez-Vous and tried the Apple Croustade w/ ice cream. I really liked that they served their water in old wine bottles. SO FANCY!


The Tour guide was absolutely amazing, and very informative throughout the entire tour. I didn’t realize how much fun I could have trying samples from SIX places in one day, It definitely makes you want to go back to them all and try everything. It’s safe to say I enjoyed the tour so much that I’m trying another food tour this month. Thank you WEST PALM BEACH FOOD TOURS for the experience!

Hope you enjoyed all the flavors of West Palm Beach…



A Magical Twist…



 In Miami, there is a little gem called Cream Parlor. As you can see above they have the cutest little patio area. The Restaurant opened just 6 months ago and is owned by the dynamic Wife and Husband duo Ainsley & Johnny. Btw, sweetest and most loving couple you’ll ever meet! Cream Parlor is known for their amazing homemade ice creams such as the “Unicorn Poop” and the “Purple Rain” flavors. However, the fun doesn’t stop there…they offer an array of comfort food too. So when you’re in the mood for something sweet but yet something warm, they’ve got you covered. They like to create fun, and unique items and are obsessed with unicorn just like SoFloFooodie (YAY!) So when Cream Parlor invited me over to create my very own unicorn inspired treat I did not hesitate!




Featured in the above photo is a custom gold dusted cone covered in white and gold pearls, filled with unicorn poop ice cream (of course), topped with gold sprinkles and marshmallows! MAGICAL, huh?

The fun didn’t stop there,

behold the UNICORN latte…


SoFloFooodie loves coffee! So whenever there’s a fun twist available, it’s always a must try. I mean who wouldn’t love a warm latte, smothered in whipped cream and sprinkles then topped with cotton candy?  PHENOMENAL!

I know what you’re thinking…where’s the chocolate?

Coming right up…


Calling all ice cream and nutella lovers!! This golden cup of joy is filled with peanut butter and chocolate ice creams, topped with a cannoli and drizzed with nutella and can’t forget the marshmallows… HOLY CANNOLI is right!

I highly suggest anybody in the area to visit Cream Parlor and maybe you’ll like it just as much as me (actually I know you will). Check them out on instagram @creamparlor !

Thanks for stopping by & enjoying my magical twist with me! ❤