Dr. Pepper takes the cake..

Are you a fan of Dr. Pepper? what about a cake lover? If so, then hold onto your tastebuds because what I’m about to share is POPPIN’!

Known for the best selling soda cakes, Cafe Valley has introduced their new Dr. Pepper cake and is it out of this world. Yes, thats right imagine your favorite soda pop upon layers and layers of a moist ring cake then smothered in a sweet icing. YASSSSS!

IMG_2248 copy

A little back story on Cafe Valley, they have been around since the year of 1987. They always strive to use the best of the best ingredients. For example, they use locally farmed eggs, and their butter is extra creamy through methods of slow churning while using sweet cream (fresh of course). You really can’t go wrong when a company collabs with local farmers, and producers to bring the community the freshest, most tasty products! Am I right


Pictured is my very own Dr. Pepper cake. After having it delivered, I froze it while I went on vacation and when I was back in town, I let it sit out for 10 minutes and this was the result :).  Still so moist, and rich in flavor! I couldn’t hardly believe it! It’s not every day that you find a product that remains fresh after freezing methods.

Drooling yet? Head over to a Cafe Valley bakery or check their website to find a retail location near you!  Link >>>> Cafe Valley Website






SOBE SEAfood Fest!

It’s oFISHally time for get ready for the SOUTH BEACH SEAFOOD FESTIVAL! If you enjoy the SOBE wine and food fest, then you’re in for a treat with this one. Happening on October 21st, 2017 join some of Miami’s top chefs & restaurants serving up the best seafood in South Florida.

To give you a little sneak peak here are some of the participating restaurants:

  1. Joe’s Stone Crab
  2. Bodega
  3. ToroToro
  4. Meat Market
  5. Poseidon
  6. Mondrian South Beach
  7. Drunken Dragon
  8. Naked Taco

Also, on Friday October 20th, The chefs will be competing in battles which include battle of the shrimp, battle of the fish, battle of the tuna, battle of the surf n’ turf, battle of the taco, and battle of the lobster.

     Ticket options range from general admission, VIP, or a weekend pass! If you purchase a VIP open bar ticket in August, it’s currently $30 cheaper! ACT FAST!

Ready to get CRACKIN’? here is a link to tickets, use code “sofloseafooodie” to get 20% off & by doing so, you’ll also earn a FREE gift from me!



SEA you real soon!



Gone COCONUTS for…


_MG_5077 copy.jpg

Being a heavy coconut fan I’ve got pretty high standards for all things “coconut”. To be honest, for some reason I’ve never been a dark chocolate fan and most of the coconut treats I find include dark chocolate. That changed recently thanks so SUPER YUMMYS SNACKS! 

I was introduced to SUPER YUMMYS SNACKS and I can say I was completely m i n d b l o w n. SUPER YUMMYS SNACKS are bite size coconut bites covered in different toppings such as:

      Dulce de Leche and Dark Chocolate (which to my surprise I LOVED)

Dulce de Leche and Goldenberry Superfruit

Dulce de Leche and Colombian Coffee

Dulce de Leche and Red Berries Yogurt Drizzle

Dulce de Leche and Yogurt Drizzle

Dulce de Leche and White Chocolate

_MG_5074 copy

Personally, I liked them all (currently eating one as we speak) but my top 3 would have to be the Colombian coffee, white chocolate, and the red berries yogurt drizzle!

Each pack comes with 8 individually wrapped bites which is perfect to keep the freshness. I took them on a recent road trip and that was probably one of the best decisions i’ve ever made!

A little back story, SUPER YUMMYS SNACKS are non GMO, gluten free, and all natural. With ingredients straight from the amazon and tropics, these snacks are sure to leave your mouth watering!

Check them out on instagram @superyummyssnacks or their website at




Advice to business owners from the influencers view….

Recently, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had quite a few business owners express their concerns when using influencers for marketing purposes. Their top concerns? “Is using influencers really worth it?” “Are they really reaching a large audience?”, “We had a bad experience with one.” 

Let me give it to you from the influencers eye. When using an ORGANIC influencer, yes it’s worth it! What is an organic influencer you ask? An organic influencer is one who DOES NOT use bots, buy followers/likes, nor use apps to gain followers/likes. More on how to tell the difference later on in this post.

Let’s talk about what an influencer does…



PREPARING: First off, the time and effort it takes in preparing marketing photos is worth it enough. From the numerous shots taken, to finding the perfect ones, then editing them is enough for business owners to appreciate.  

   POSTING: Whether influencers are marketing on their own pages, or on the businesses page, each post is carefully prepared with wording and/or hashtags. Timing is everything, influencers use strategies to determine the best time to post to receive the most engagement.

   ENGAGEMENT: ORGANIC influencers engage A LOT! Whether it’s on their foodie friends pages, or random pages. Engagement is one of the top strategies to success in the influencer industry. An influencer who engages heavily such as following, liking, commenting on others posts is more likely to have success and strength. Engaging is the aspect that takes the most time and effort, hence why it’s the most connected piece to success. 

ORGANIC VS. NON-ORGANIC ….How to tell the difference?


Honestly, this may be the hardest aspect when choosing influencers unless you’re fairly social media savvy. Often times, businesses often go to the influencers that may have (for example) 70,000 followers. THAT’S THE FIRST  MISTAKE! You have to do a little background research first. Compare their following with the amount of likes they are getting, if it doesn’t add up then it’s probably NOT ORGANICAlso, watch their page for a few days, if you see their followers going up daily by numerous amounts, they probably are NOT ORGANIC followersNext, take a scroll through their followers list…if you come across these kind of pages, THEY’RE FAKE PAGES OR BOT PAGES! You can get these kind of followers by either buying the “followers” or using apps to “gain followers”. These kind of fake followers do not engage in your content. They are simply there just to linger and bring you follower numbers up. Ask for impressions!!!!! You’ll be surprised that sometimes smaller accounts have more impressions. Word of advice?  Sometimes, less is more 😉


Now, not every large account is a NON ORGANIC account. There are many ORGANIC large pages, you just have to figure out the difference and once you do, ALL of your influencer for marketing experiences will turn GOLDEN!

P.S This article is not intended to offend any influencer in particular. This article is solely used as advice to business owners. 





More than a “McDonald’s”

Last week I went with the @foodietribe to an event at McDonald’s. We were told we would be going on a tour of the back of McDonald’s, and trying the new premium desserts & sandwiches. My first thoughts (honestly) were 1. How interesting could the back of a McDonald’s be? 2. Could these foods I was going to try really live up to influencer standards? 3. They have the BEST COKE so, I’M GOING! 🙂

Upon arrival, we were greeted, seated at our private tables, and given a drink of our choice. Once all the influencers were there, we were introduced by one of the owners, Anthony Lopez. Anthony is the son of Leo & Cindy Lopez, and the three of them together own that specific location along with several other locations throughout South Florida. Anthony gave us a little back story about how the family came to owning McDonald’s locations and it begins with his father Leo, working at McDonald’s at a young age, as a crew member. Ever since then, the family grew a strong bond with the McDonald’s brand and transformed their locations into family-style restaurants. The staff are exceptional people, they are all very friendly, and truly love what they do.

As I took the tour through the back I was immediately taken back by the organization, cleanliness, and upkeep. You would never think how much effort goes into preparing these meals that you get from a drive-thru. However, this location really put things into perspective for me.

food trayfries.jpg

                                 My favorite part….fresh apple pies anyone?

apple pie

Now, let’s move onto the fun part, the EATING! We used the self-serve kiosk’s to order our meals, and the staff delivers it right to your table within minutes. I tried the pico guacamole crispy chicken on artisan bread. OH EM GEEEEE! First of all, anything with avocado, or guacamole is an automatic winner for me but this sandwich….I WAS IMPRESSED! So juicy, perfectly flavored, and all around delicious. 

pico guacamole.jpg

Next up, we have the new premium desserts…offered in many South Florida locations to beat the heat. The desserts include the Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, and the Turtle brownie Sundae. The strawberry option includes pieces of white moist cake, and strawberry topping, inside their world famous vanilla soft serve. The chocolate option includes brownie bites, hot fudge, and caramel, inside the soft serve then topped with pecans. Both include whipped cream for added flavor! BOTH WERE SO CREAMY, and DECADENT!



If your mouth is now watering, go say what’s up to my new food best friends over at McDonald’s & let me know what you think after!







Hey everybody! We’ve been a little busy here @soflofooodie with the end of the school year (special needs teachers here), and moving into the new house but DO WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! but first…. a little background on the topic.

So for those of you that don’t know (which is probably a HUGE chunk of you) Steph used to own her own cake/cupcake business. Yep, that’s right…she spent COUNTLESS hours baking, and perfecting each and every cake/cupcake she made. She owned this business with one of her long time friends however, after a few years of doing it….their lives got in the way and they decided to quit.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
A cake Steph did during her business days

Steph took her talents into helping me with @soflofooodie so we made it a double team kinda thing. Recently, a client of ours asked us to make a test run of her cupcakes so he could sell them at his shop. At first, we didn’t really know what to expect. She really only sold her items to previous clients, never at a store front. We came up with four flavors… Oreo stuffed, Nutella stuffed, Strawberry cheesecake stuffed, and Funfetti filled with sprinkles (think piñata)! We are so glad we chose to do it because that weekend of the trial, the cupcakes sold out completely!


Trial weekend cupcakes

So here’s where things get interesting. YOU CAN NOW MAKE CUSTOM ORDERS FROM US! Contact us for a list of flavors! 🙂


So, somewhere in the middle of all the busy days we’ve been having, a little miracle has been baking ;).

Thanks for all the love & support.


Shay & Steph

Unicorn Inspired Foods

It’s UNICORN season

From Starbucks fraps to unicorn bagels and donuts…It’s clearly becoming a thing of 2017! Anybody who knows Soflofooodie has learned that we’ve been known as the unicorn gurus (hence the brand logo). Unicorns are fun and colorful making it easy to incorporate into foods. 

If you remember back a couple of months ago, we partnered up with Cream Parlor to make our very own Soflofooodie unicorn inspired ice cream cone. 


THAT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!  Now we’ve got more opportunities to have fun with unicorn foods. Earlier this month, we were sent a package of THE BAGEL STORE bagels with the unicorn bagel included…duh!


Next, we have Starbucks with their break-the-internet frap. Some people (a lot of people that is) didn’t seem to like the drink. Soflofooodie, however, did enjoy it! I have such a sweet tooth & I absolutely love sour things so this drink hit my tastebuds. Plus, it was super pretty!


Finally, today we tried THE SALTY DONUT‘s newest donut creation, the unicorn donut. The Salty Donut is known for coming up with new donuts frequently and this one in particular is a collab with STYLE SAVES (which provides teens with the opportunity to go to prom). Therefore, some of the proceeds will go to STYLE SAVES.


See how pretty all of the UNICORN inspired foods can be? It’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more popular. Soflofooodie can’t wait to see who comes up with something next. In the meantime, time to eat!!!!